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Lay the foundation
Three myths of innovation (3 min video)
40 years, 20 million ideas: The Toyota suggestion system
Intuit: Innovating for India
Amoeba metaphor and structures enabling innovation: P&G story
How GE develops innovation leaders through LIG program

5 levels of innovation maturity
How innovative are you? A simple dashboard

Create a challenge book
Three sources of innovation: Pain, wave and waste
5 ways of framing a challenge
New frontiers in innovation? Vigyanlabs & Persistent Systems (how they built their challenge book)
3 characteristics of a good challenge statement
Building a challenge book: An example from an IIMB session
Immersive research: P&G’s approach of getting deep customer insights

Build participation
Role of manager as an innovation catalyst: story of Toyota’s Takao Umezu
Homebrew Computer Club: A role model for communities of practice

Challenge campaigns:
Combining step-1, 2 & 3
4 characteristics of effective innovation campaigns
Story of Gandhi’s 1920 charkha challenge: A critical look
4 choices in the design of an innovation campaign

Experiment with low-cost and high-speed
The two loops of experimentation: story of Watt-Boulton steam engine
Two loops of experimentation: story of Ranchhodlal Chhotala
Indian creativity can have global impact: Dr. Paulraj and MIMO technology (two loops experimentation)
4 types of risks every innovator should be aware of
4 levers of building experimentation capacity
Mahatma Gandhi and Right To Experiment (RTE)
Building experimentation capacity in rural schools in India: The Agastya way
A low-cost experiment that crystallized Deccan Aviation’s vision
Prototyping to clarify requirements: a 747 experience

Go fast from prototyping to incubation
3 things Mike Markkula did as a champion of “Apple Computer” idea
Idea selection methods: balancing efficiency and accuracy
Idea communication and curiosity gap theory
An idea presentation template based on Steve Jobs' iPod launch speech in 2001
Idea communication: The Edison way
Deconstructing the curiosity flow from Steve Jobs iPod launch presentation
How smart guys pitched their ideas to Steve Jobs, the prickly perfectionist
Managers are from Mars and storytellers are from Saturn
Why does Einstein say that "One Max" person reading his theory will suffice?

Iterate on the business model
Will Infosys 3.0 work?
Managing a big bet: Dr. Ashwin Naik of Vaatsalya shares his experience
IBM-Bharti IT outsourcing deal and Louis Gerstner’s “full-body immersion” vision
Making public innovation work: The Pune power model
Newspaper industry: innovate to survive?

Does India provide a supportive environment for getting value out of innovation?
Thomas Edison and the patent paradox
Kodak: story of how George Eastman resolved the patent paradox
Patents from India: broad trends over the past 35 years

Build an innovation sandbox
Innovation sandbox
3 challenges in building an innovation sandbox
A look at Tata Nano through “Dynamic innovation sandbox” lens
Dynamic innovation sandbox: Where thinking inside the box matters
Two innovation sandboxes in Wright brothers’ experimentation journey
Dr. Gururaj Desh Deshpande’s insights on entrepreneurship and innovation (Hubli sandbox)
Two ideas that turned cancer research into a massive innovation sandbox


Adhaar: A national innovation platform?
Innovation at TCS

Open innovation
Eureka Forbes: Making open innovation work
Open innovation insights from P&G Connect + Develop
More open innovation insights from P&G Connect + Develop
Open innovation: A panacea?
Open innovation: Ideaken CEO Jayesh Badani shares his experience

Create a margin of safety
Margin of safety: my most favourite insight of 2009
1930: When Benjamin Graham re-discovered “Margin of safety”
Walchand Hirachand Doshi: A daredevil innovator
Edison’s folly and understanding the exposure to negative Black Swan
1996 Everest disaster and a lesson in "design as if implementation matters"

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