Jugaad is old hat. It has done little for India in terms of innovation; India ranks 64th in the Global Innovation Index. In today’s globalized market place it is increasingly difficult to survive with just quick fixes or creative improvisation. Indian companies have no option but to move beyond jugaad towards a more dependable and systematic process of innovation. This book is a “how-to” guide for innovation leaders undertaking this journey.

While the market is crowded with titles on innovation, this book offers a unique eight-step process for creating a systematic innovation capability, which can be transplanted across the board to any business or region. It doesn't assume anything about the size, sector, culture or strategy of your organization, or the leadership style and background of your management. No matter what level your organization is in the innovation chain, you will find this book useful.

The eight steps are built around three key themes. To enhance innovation output, you need to build an idea pipeline; improve the flow of ideas (‘improve idea velocity’); and enhance your conversion ratio from ideas to successful innovations (‘increase your batting average’).

This book uses around fifty stories from India and elsewhere to illustrate the core principles and practices. All you need to benefit from this book is a burning desire to make your organization more innovative. 


  1. Congratulations! Kudos on the book and the simple yet impactful steps suggested.

    All the best!
    Gaurav Kataria

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  2. Looks like this book can be useful to everyone - even a common man (or woman, for that matter). Though business has never been my field, the synopsis of this book has ignited in me a curiosity and I feel I, too, can learn a thing or two from it. Can't wait to see what the authors have to say about innovation.

  3. A timely book as India takes its early steps towards systematic innovation. Look forward to the launch.

  4. Really wonderful book. I am glad to learn the systematic ways of building innovation. I think Jugaad is only a short term, quick fix solution for a temporary problem. But if one needs a fine, scientific and permanent solution the only way is build a culture of Systematic Innovation.

    - Siva

  5. This could be a practical template for so called Innovation cells in Enterprises

  6. Good One , the simple terms of innovations that are listed to be followed , that can be easily made into practice.